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Blog Category - Advanced Malware & URL Protection

Ian Baxter 2020 Jul 22 Fake Login Attack Evades Logo Detection New Social Engineering Campaign Exposes Inattentional Blindness and Weaknesses in Anti-Phishing Logo Detection READ MORE
Ian Baxter 2020 Jan 13 Why people struggle to identify visual similarities in phishing websites As a result of inattentional blindness, internet users are falling prey to phishing websites that use visual similarity clues to lure victims. READ MORE
Eyal Benishti 2019 Dec 30 What’s Next for Email Security and Anti-Phishing in the Year Ahead Email security and anti-phishing trends for 2020 include looking beyond built-in email security, predictions for the channel, and larger AI adoption. READ MORE
2019 Sep 4 Fight Phishing & Credential Theft with AI Preventing phishing attacks that probe inboxes & scrape Microsoft Office 365 logins to produce credential harvesting pages requires AI-powered computer vision. READ MORE Eyal Benishti 2019 Jan 24 Looking Back at Our Accomplishments & Ahead at What’s to Come IRONSCALES leads the email security and phishing mitigation industry in innovation, and more is planned for 2019. READ MORE Eyal Benishti 2018 Nov 19 To Prevent Email Phishing Risks, It’s a Race Against the Clock When it comes to preventing email phishing attacks, it’s a race against time. Using our data, Aberdeen published a new report on simulated phishing attacks. READ MORE Adam Hofeler 2018 Aug 15 A CRN Emerging Vendor for the Continuation of Phishing Threats In case you missed it, we were recently named to the “Emerging Vendor 2018: Cybersecurity Companies You Should Know” list by CRN READ MORE Eyal Benishti 2017 Feb 6 Machine Learning: The Best Defense Against Email Spoofing & CEO Fraud Hackers and cyber criminals have responded to the adoption of employee phishing awareness training, by improving the sophistication and deceptiveness of their attacks. READ MORE
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