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    Spring '24 Software Release! Check out our new deep image-based detection, GWS capabilities, and more. Explore the new additions
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    New Report! Osterman Research releases their 2024 findings on Image-based/QR Code Attacks. Read the report
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How IRONSCALES detects phishing attacks and threats in real-time.

Contextual data is a critical element for a robust machine learning (ML) system yet building real-time data pipelines is very challenging. In this video, we describe:

  • IRONSCALES' data systems
  • How we scaled to loads of 50k predictions per second
  • How contextual ML models are used in ensemble with other classifiers

Data enrichment and contextual data pipelines (PyData TLV Nov 21 at IRONSCALES)

Learn more about engineering at IRONSCALES, the team, and some of their work here.


Mordechai Worch
Post by Mordechai Worch
October 7, 2022