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ABM Technology Group

Discover how ABM Technologies' strategic move to IRONSCALES resulted in enhanced client support and a substantial decrease in phishing-related issues.



  1. ABM Technology Group faced an increase in sophisticated phishing attacks that traditional spam filters couldn't handle.
  2. Clients were less aware of phishing risks and suffered from financial losses and data breaches.
  3. The support team was overwhelmed with tickets questioning email authenticity and straining resources.


  1. ABM Technology Group adopted the AI and human insights-driven email security platform, IRONSCALES.
  2. The platform provided improved detection of phishing emails and streamlined incident handling.
  3. Tools like the report phishing button in Outlook made it easy for clients to use and respond to threats.


  1. There was a 60-70% decrease in phishing-related support tickets.
  2. The support team was able to respond more quickly and confidently to client queries.
  3. The platform's efficiency allowed for handling security incidents with less technical staff, leading to operational savings.

Company Intro

Advanced Business Methods is much more than your standard office equipment dealer! With locations spanning across North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota, Advanced Business Methods understands your community and has helped businesses of all sizes throughout the state to enhance their business processes, improve productivity and reduce costs.

The Problem

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats, ABM Technology Group faced a growing challenge with phishing attacks. As an IT solutions provider, their clientele relied heavily on email communication, making them prime targets for sophisticated phishing schemes. The traditional tools at ABM Technology Group’s disposal, primarily spam filters, proved to be increasingly inadequate. These filters, designed to catch spam, were ill-equipped to identify and block the more cunning and disguised phishing attempts. As a result, not only were legitimate emails sometimes incorrectly flagged, but more alarmingly, several phishing emails were slipping through undetected. This lapse in security led to a notable increase in support tickets from clients, many of whom were uncertain about the authenticity of their emails.

The situation was further worsened by the general lack of awareness and preparedness about phishing among ABM Technology Group's clients. About four to five years ago, when awareness of phishing was not as widespread as it is today, clients were more vulnerable to these attacks. The consequences of these security breaches were significant, ranging from financial losses to severe data breaches. This growing threat placed ABM Technology Group's clients at risk and imposed a heavy burden on their support team. The team found themselves inundated with queries and concerns regarding email security, straining their resources and highlighting an urgent need for a more effective solution to address this escalating problem.

“As an MSP working with a diverse range of clients across different industries, we're in a unique position to observe the effectiveness of various security tools. In our experience, IRONSCALES stands out as the best. Its user-friendly features, like the report phishing button in the Outlook toolbar, make it a favorite among our clients. Additionally, its capability to catch and remediate threats effectively, even removing them post-detection, sets it apart."
Wes Henry, Director of Services | ABM Technology Group


In response to these challenges, ABM Technology Group turned to IRONSCALES, a leading cloud email security platform. IRONSCALES leverages adaptive AI and human insights to detect and remediate sophisticated phishing attacks effectively. Unlike traditional security measures, IRONSCALES provided a comprehensive approach to email security. The platform's quick and detailed information about suspicious emails enabled ABM Technology Group to handle incidents more efficiently, thereby streamlining its operational processes.

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The collaboration between ABM Technology Group and IRONSCALES marked a significant turning point in their battle against phishing attacks. The rollout of this cutting-edge email security platform resulted in:

  • Dramatic Reduction in Phishing-Related Support Tickets: The sophisticated AI-driven detection capabilities of IRONSCALES led to a reduction of about 60-70% in support tickets for ABM Technology Group. This not only relieved the pressure on ABM Technology Group's support team but also allowed them to allocate their resources more effectively towards other critical IT issues.
  • Enhanced Quality of Client Support: With IRONSCALES, the support team at ABM Technology Group was able to provide faster, more accurate, and confident responses to client inquiries about email security. As a result, clients felt more secure and better supported, knowing that their email environments were being monitored by a cutting-edge, reliable security solution.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings: The efficiency of IRONSCALES enabled ABM Technology Group to handle email security incidents more effectively. This operational efficiency translated into cost savings and allowed the company to focus on expanding its services and improving other aspects of its client support.


“A significant advantage of IRONSCALES is that it operates independently, without relying on an intermediate system. This is crucial because if such a system fails, it can halt email delivery. We value IRONSCALES for its reliability and direct processing approach, ensuring our clients' email security without the risk of service interruptions common with other solutions."
Wes Henry, Director of Services | ABM Technology Group


Every day criminals launch billions of new phishing attacks. No company is immune. Legacy solutions can’t keep up & cloud providers struggle to stop advanced attacks with native controls. IRONSCALES’ powerfully simple email security solution helps you fight back fast and keeps your company safe in today’s cloud-first world. Incubated inside the world’s top venture program for cybersecurity and founded by alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit, we offer security professionals an AI-driven, self-learning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to proactively fight
phishing attacks.

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