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SinglePoint Global

Learn why SinglePoint Global partnered with IRONSCALES to deliver unparalleled email security to their customers.



  1. Managing various tools for email security, security awareness training, and multiple client accounts created operational inefficiencies.
  2. The previous email security solution caused disruptions as it operated as an out-of-band relay and required DNS updates during downtime.
  3. Lack of transparency in decision-making, long cyber videos, and subpar support from the previous solution provider were issues.


  1. IRONSCALES multi-customer management portal with simplified management of email security and cyber security awareness training.
  2. Seamless integration into cloud email solutions with a bypass capability requiring zero response.
  3. An enterprise 24/7/365 SOC that aligns with our business requirement to support our clients around the globe with short but to the point security awareness training, and detailed responses on actions taken with email security to answer our clients effectively.


  1. Our MSP is more effective and efficient utilizing a single pane of glass to simplify management.
  2. Zero response is necessary upon any unforeseen outage and zero vendor disruption to mail flow.
  3. Customer Success feedback across the board report happier customers after switching to IRONSCALES.

Company Intro

SinglePoint Global was established in 2007 by Gregory Browning, an IT industry veteran with over 18 years of experience. Recognizing a market demand for a comprehensive managed services provider that prioritizes customer needs beyond IT support, the company has since experienced rapid growth. Today, SinglePoint Global stands as a leading IT service provider offering a diverse range of over nine product lines.

The company caters to the global customer base with its varied suite of IT services. Whether businesses require robust cybersecurity solutions or seek strategic guidance to enhance overall IT performance, SinglePoint Global serves as a single point of contact to address their diverse business needs.

The Problem

The email security challenges faced by SinglePoint Global were a result of the widespread adoption of external banners and email rules by their clients. Regrettably, these previously effective measures had lost their effectiveness over time, leading to a phenomenon known as "banner fatigue" among users as they incorporated them into their daily email routines. This situation created operational inefficiencies for both SinglePoint Global's clients and the company itself, resulting in significant time consumption and reduced productivity while managing various tools for email security, security awareness training, and multiple client accounts.

One specific pain point in their email security strategy was their previous solution, which operated as an out-of-band relay, causing disruptions and necessitating DNS updates during downtime. Moreover, SinglePoint Global encountered challenges related to the lack of transparency in their previous solution's decision-making process and subpar support, leading them to seek a more proactive email security solution that provided ease of use and protection against advanced phishing attacks without disrupting the email flow.

Recognizing the critical importance of email security awareness for their new clients, SinglePoint Global aimed to transition their clients away from traditional SEG and rule-based solutions, opting for a more proactive approach that was easy to use and could protect their clients from advanced phishing attacks without interrupting mail flow.

"IRONSCALES has been a game-changer for us. It's not just about beefing up our email security; it's made our whole operation smoother. We can now handle all our clients in one place, giving them stronger security and a friendlier experience. IRONSCALES keeps things clear and has our back, making it easier to explain cyber security to our clients. Teaming up with IRONSCALES feels like a real partnership, not just a vendor. It's a win-win that makes our services even better."
Greg Browning | CEO & Principal at SinglePoint Global


When SinglePoint Global addressed their email security challenges, they found IRONSCALES to be a potent solution. One standout feature was dynamic bannering, which injected timely and specific banners into their email security strategy.

The API integration from IRONSCALES seamlessly aligned with SinglePoint Global's technical requirements and simplified billing. Additionally, the delivery of bite-sized content resonated with the way human brains absorb information, ensuring effective security awareness training. The inclusion of AI-focused training came at a timely juncture as SinglePoint Global was in the process of implementing an AI policy.

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Implementing IRONSCALES as their email security solution brought about a transformative impact on SinglePoint Global's email security strategy and overall operations. The benefits of this integration included:

  • Streamlined Management: IRONSCALES enabled them to efficiently manage all clients through a single interface, simplifying complexity and resource allocation.
  • Unified Solution: SinglePoint Global transitioned from managing separate products to a unified solution encompassing email security and security awareness training, enhancing billing, service delivery, and user experience.
  • Transparency in Decision-Making: IRONSCALES' transparency in explaining security decisions empowered them to easily communicate the rationale behind flagged emails to clients, boosting confidence and security awareness.

This shift allowed SinglePoint Global to efficiently handle 28 companies, comprising managed services and oversight, streamlining 80% of routine tasks. IRONSCALES' competitive pricing aligned perfectly with their criteria, bundling email security and training for a comprehensive solution. Bite-sized content delivery improved user engagement and security awareness, and IRONSCALES' collaborative approach led to referrals and a strong partnership. Ultimately, they witnessed a reduction in phishing threats, improved engagement, and streamlined operations, resulting in a more efficient and secure email environment.


"IRONSCALES has completely changed how I manage email security for 28 client companies. It enables me to efficiently secure their email communications while offering a centralized platform that provides transparency into my decision-making process. This solution not only streamlines my operations but also empowers me to proactively respond to evolving email threats, ultimately fortifying my clients' security."
Ben Lyons | Manager of Cyber Security at SinglePoint Global


Every day criminals launch billions of new phishing attacks. No company is immune. Legacy solutions can’t keep up & cloud providers struggle to stop advanced attacks with native controls. IRONSCALES’ powerfully simple email security solution helps you fight back fast and keeps your company safe in today’s cloud-first world. Incubated inside the world’s top venture program for cybersecurity and founded by alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit, we offer security professionals an AI-driven, self-learning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to proactively fight
phishing attacks.

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