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Valley ENT

Valley ENT, Arizona's top otolaryngology group, faced email security challenges with an outdated Email Security Appliance (ESA) and manual processes. They adopted IRONSCALES for streamlined, automated security--improving efficiency and phishing protection.



  1. A cumbersome ESA coupled by an inefficient MSP created a lot of manual work and risk




Since onboarding IRONSCALES in 2021, Valley ENT has had:

  • Over 1 million emails inspected
  • 28,492 total emails remediated
  • 20,028 malicious emails clustered into 3,479 incidents for quick remediation of polymorphic attacks across the environment
  • $91.9k saved

Company Intro

Valley ENT is the largest otolaryngology-head and neck surgery group in Arizona. We exist to provide a full range of the highest quality ear, nose, throat and allergy care to all of our patients. Our team of 39 board certified otolaryngologists, 2 board certified allergist/immunologists, 21 audiologists and 5 physician assistants provide a broad spectrum of otolaryngologic care to adults and children including the evaluation and treatment of hearing and balance disorders, nasal and sinus conditions, allergies, voice and swallowing problems, obstructive sleep apnea, head and neck cancer (mouth and throat cancer, thyroid cancer, facial and neck skin cancers), pediatric ENT conditions, as well as facial cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery needs.

The Problem

Valley ENT, a leading otolaryngology-head and neck surgery group based in Arizona, grappled with substantial email security challenges. The existing email security system forced them into a time-consuming cycle of reviewing a quarantine queue, leading to frustration and inefficiency due to repetitive manual handling of identical phishing emails.

Their inherited Email Security Appliance (ESA) setup, misconfigured by a managed service provider, inundated them with a log of emails to manually review. As a healthcare business, Valley ENT faced the daunting task of scrutinizing invoices and communications from various sources. Moreover, their realization that sensitive information was susceptible to exploitation on the dark web heightened the need for robust email security. The process of manually reviewing and remediating each threat proved unsustainable and vulnerable to phishing attacks.

“I had this email security appliance where I was going through a quarantine queue that basically pulled all the individual mailboxes into this queue. And if I saw the same Fax cheatsheet.exe in 20 mailboxes, I had to sit there and remediate all 20 of the same email individually. “

After parting ways with the MSP, Walter Novak, Director of IT, was left needing an email security solution that protected the organization from threats and would free up his time to focus on other tasks.

IRONSCALES is the product that has saved our bacon multiple times now”
Walter Novak, Director of IT, Valley ENT


Recognizing the limitations of their existing approach, Valley ENT turned to IRONSCALES for a comprehensive solution. Having used IRONSCALES in a previous role, Walter was impressed by its effectiveness and user-friendliness.

“From an administration point, I needed that simplicity. I don’t need to click every single incident to get the pertinent information-it's given to me. I can quickly decide if that one incident is phishing or safe, and based on that one click, that one decision, IRONSCALES removes the similar threats from the global mailboxes” - Walter Novak, Director of IT, Valley ENT

The seamless integration of IRONSCALES into their infrastructure reduced the workload associated with manual email analysis and remediation. The solution's advanced features, driven by AI and human insights, set it apart from traditional offerings. IRONSCALES addressed their challenges and surpassed their previous ESA’s limited capabilities.

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The adoption of IRONSCALES resulted in transformative outcomes for Valley ENT. It became a reliable guardian, identifying and thwarting potential threats before they could cause harm. Administrative tasks were streamlined through IRONSCALES' single-click management of multiple mailboxes. Automation enabled the rapid remediation of 500 malicious messages, swiftly neutralizing threats and minimizing risk exposure.

IRONSCALES' incident response capabilities pinpointed vulnerabilities, allowing targeted action. The solution's user-friendly interface provided convenience for the IT team, while its high-security standards improved their overall quality of life. Valley ENT's partnership with IRONSCALES not only resolved their immediate challenges but also equipped them for the future. The solution's continuous enhancements and cost-effectiveness aligned perfectly with their organizational needs, reinforcing their confidence in their email security strategy.

Since onboarding IRONSCALES in 2012, Valley ENT has had:



Emails Inspected


Emails remediated


Dollars saved in analyst hours

It’s just me. If we were on the old appliance, I would never get any work done. No projects would ever be completed because I’d be timed up remediating emails. 

With IRONSCALES, I get the full breadth of the community. I’m getting the best in class from every IRONSCALES client helping me stop threats in my environment by marking threats in their mail environment."

Walter Novak, Director of IT, Valley ENT


IRONSCALES is the leading cloud email security platform for the enterprise and the industry’s only solution that uses adaptive AI and human insights (HI) to stop advanced phishing. Its award-winning, self-learning platform continuously detects and remediates attacks like BEC, ATO, and VIP impersonation that bypass traditional security solutions. Powerful, simple, and adaptive, IRONSCALES helps enterprises protect better, simplify operations, and empower the organization. IRONSCALES is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and is proud to support more than 10,000 global enterprises.

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