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The Only Real-time Automated Phishing Intelligence Sharing

The first and only anti-phishing technology to provide a comprehensive real-time & anonymous automated intelligence sharing ecosystem between companies that is integrated into the automated incident response layer.
threat inteligence
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By creating an ecosystem in which cyber threat intelligence – actionable, machine-readable information – is shared in real time and can be consumed automatically, defenders can begin to eliminate the asymmetry that currently favors attackers
CTO of US State Department of Homeland Security

Integrated Intelligence

As an add-on to IronTraps, companies with Federation can share important email phishing intelligence event information automatically and anonymously to ensure the same cyber-attack won’t hit any other company under IRONSCALES’ protection.
This collaboration among IRONSCALES' users enables organizations to proactively defend their network gateways and endpoints from increasingly frequent and sophisticated email phishing attacks.

How Does It Work?

Upon attack identification, Federation immediately logs the attack details and cross-references all users for emails containing a similar pattern.
When an attack is matched, the users are notified in real-time through in-line messaging.
With this intelligence sharing, Federation then communicates immediately with IronTraps, which automatically remediates the attack without the need for employee or security team intervention.
This unprecedented email phishing intelligence is proven to reduce risk from dangerous and destructive zero-day attacks, such as ransomware, malware, bots, spam, spoofing, and pharming, among others.


zero-day prevention

High quality, human verified attacks

Prevent zero-day cyber attacks

Real-time actionable email phishing intelligence

Proactively defend against phishing attacks without employee intervention

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