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Lomy Ovadia 2020 May 20 Just What is A Self-Learning Email Security Platform? Self-learning email security applies a reinforced learning paradigm that predicts, blocks, monitors and responds to email phishing attacks in real-time. READ MORE
Adam Hofeler 2020 May 13 COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity Budgets As COVID-19 amplifies the need for email security tools, CISOs and CIOs in charge of security budgets must consolidate email security stacks to reduce costs. READ MORE
Brendon Roddas 2020 May 7 Protecting Your Business From Trending Phishing Attacks Phishing attackers are working hard to take advantage of the current reality. See how to stop trending phishing scams with IRONSCALES READ MORE
Lomy Ovadia 2020 Apr 30 6 Tips for Enabling Your SOC in a WFH World Security teams consistently tell us they need a better way to collaborate and have more access to information. READ MORE Neha Verma 2020 Apr 16 Partnership Spotlight:
BDO MDR on the Importance of Self-Learning Email Security
IRONSCALES helps partner BDO MDR reduce phishing attack remediation time and minimize human intervention for small-and-midsized customers. READ MORE
Einav Zeira 2020 Apr 2 Autonomous Email Security Analyst Reduces Burden IRONSCALES self-learning email security is the first anti-phishing technology to determine verdicts on suspicious emails with no human involvement. READ MORE Eyal Benishti 2020 Mar 26 The Scattered Perimeter:
A New Norm
How are you adapting to the new phishing risks associated with your scattered workforce? READ MORE
Brendon Roddas 2020 Mar 10 Our New Email Security Survey Finds a Disconnect Between the C-Suite and Practitioners A new survey sponsored by IRONSCALES suggests there is a phishing perception gap between the C-Suite and security practitioners READ MORE Neha Verma 2020 Feb 27 Email Security for Channel Partner machineLOGIC IRONSCALES helps channel partner machineLOGIC enhance its email security blueprint for small- and mid-sized customers. READ MORE