We are excited to share the news that our biggest launch ever at IRONSCALES, which we’re calling Megalaunch, is here!  With this launch, we are rolling out new packages, introducing new capabilities, improving existing functionality, and even releasing a new free service tier (well, sort of.)  I am so proud of everyone at IRONSCALES who contributed to this monumental day in our company’s history.


Why are we doing this?  Bottom line: to better protect our customers’ messaging and to offer our future customers a free and easy way to benefit from our powerfully simple anti-phishing solution.  And we’re not stopping at just protecting email anymore – with this launch we have extended our protection capabilities into the business communications platforms that your company is almost certainly using today, both internally and with your partners, suppliers, and customers.

For those who prefer the TL;DR version, here’s what we are rolling out today:

  • New packages named Email Protect and Complete Protect
  • New way to subscribe to our Premium Security and Awareness Training content
  • New protection solution for Microsoft Teams® environments
  • Enhanced Account Takeover (ATO) detection and remediation capabilities
  • Free service tier named Starter

For those who want more details about each component of the Megalaunch rollout, here you go:

New packages:  We are replacing our former packages named Core, Core + and Ultimate with three new packages named Email Protect™, Complete Protect™, and Starter™.

  • Starter™ is our new free service tier that will provide users with a glimpse into the power of the IRONSCALES solution.  With today’s Megalaunch, we are excited to open a waiting list for Starter™ to anyone who wants to participate in our closed beta.  We would love it if you signed up, kicked the tires a bit, and let us know how we’re doing and where we can improve the free tier offering.
  • Email Protect™ will provide all the advanced phishing security that our Core+ and Ultimate customers receive today, including advanced malware and URL scanning, automated classification and remediation, collaborative threat hunting as part of our Community and more.  In fact, if you’re a Core + customer today, nothing will change for you except the name of your package. 
  • Complete Protect™ is a brand-new package that includes everything in Email Protect™ plus protection against phishing attacks in Microsoft Teams® environments and improved capabilities for the detection and remediation of Account Takeover (ATO) attacks. 
One more thing. With our old packaging, we only offered our Premium Training content (from our partners at NINJIO, Infosequre, Habitu8, and Cybermaniacs) as part of our Ultimate package.  With Megalaunch, customers will be able to add Premium Training content to any of our paid packages for an additional fee.

 So that’s Megalaunch in a nutshell.  We hope you are as excited about everything being released today as we are to finally be able to share this news with all of you!

Click here to see the announcement video:  https://youtu.be/0KcPbq3qhtQ 

For more details about all the different components of today’s launch, please visit our pricing page at https://ironscales.com/pricing.



Eyal Benishti
Post by Eyal Benishti
March 1, 2022