SOC Teams_Security Operations Center
Brendon Roddas
| 2018 Jul 31

SOC Teams Struggling to Detect Malicious Emails

Fifty five percent of respondents told us that the time to detect phishing messages is the greatest challenge facing the SOC/Security team in relation to addressing emerging email threats. Performing email forensics on messages received also ranked high with 24% identifying this as the greatest threat they faced while 18% felt it was removing malicious messages from mailboxes where the danger lay.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection & business email compromise
Eyal Benishti
| 2018 May 9

MS Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Vulnerabilities

As email phishing grows more sophisticated and remains a primary attack vector for data breaches, many security providers are attempting to step up their solutions to better mitigate risk. Microsoft is no exception, as the tech giant continues to invest in its Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, which it proclaims to provide protection, detection and response to “unknown and sophisticated attacks.”

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