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SOC Analysts Are Facing Unprecedented Email Threats

Your busy SOC analysts manage a wide range of vital security functions across many critical (and often disconnected) systems, including email. Regardless of experience or expertise, it’s not feasible for any analyst to detect, investigate, and remediate the large volume of alerts that these systems produce on a daily basis. As email attacks grow more relentless and sophisticated, most SOC teams can only investigate a fraction of the alerts they receive – and a significant portion of those will be false positives.

Too many problems for too few professionals increases workload, burnout, and the possibility that threats get through. SOCs need a helping hand from the latest developments in AI to help fight back.

How Can You Accelerate Phishing Detection and Analysis?

You’re covered with the IRONSCALES SaaS platform. Our cloud-based virtual security analyst, Themis, uses the power of AI to predict the legitimacy of any suspicious emails with high confidence. Operating with full autonomy, Themis gives security teams of all sizes, from enterprise SOCs to individual analysts over 90% accuracy in classifying and remediating phishing attacks – all without any active human intervention.

As a fully autonomous solution, Themis can be set up to make and implement her decisions automatically -- without human intervention. With more than 90% accuracy, some customers rely on Themis for the majority of their incident response decisions.

How IRONSCALES Virtual SOC Analyst [Themis] Works

Built on top of our decentralized, crowd-sourced threat intelligence engine, our AI-powered security analyst, Themis continually learns from tens of millions of emails that run through our platform to give your security teams real-time recommendations on detected or reported incidents.

Themis examines the incidents and provides a threshold of confidence for any recommendations based on all the collective verdicts made by 1000's of IRONSCALES customers such as phishing, spam and false positives. She then makes a recommendation to your security team based on dozens of data points.

Get The Only Email Security Platform With A Fully Autonomous AI Analyst

Your overworked SOCs need support today. Don’t wait to see how IRONSCALES and Themis can make their lives – and everyone else’s – much easier. We’re confident that a test run of Themis will convince you it’s the right option to:

  • Improve security teams efficiency with AI-assisted phishing response
  • Reduce risk by resolving unknown phishing threats faster
  • Minimize real human intervention to a minimum, if any

Themis is an invaluable resource with
its autonomic capabilities
– Vern Scoggins, CISO, Polypore International
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