An AI-Powered Virtual
Email Security Analyst

By using AI-as a tool that can predict with high confidence the legitimacy of any suspicious emails, we can reduce the decision-making processes of busy security analysts, expediting remediation and decreasing risk.


Key Enterprise Email Security Benefits
for your Organization

efficiency of the security team with AI assisted email phishing classification.
risk by resolving unknown phishing threats faster.
real human intervention to a minimum.

AI Assisted Decision
Making in Real-Time

Themis, the lady of good counsel from the Greek Mythology, is an AI-driven virtual email security analyst that helps security teams determine a verdict on suspicious email incidents in real-time. Built on top of our community of top security teams (Federation), Themis continuously learns from the tens of millions of emails she is exposed to on a weekly basis.

Powered by unique machine learning algorithms, Themis is constantly fed input from hundreds of thousands of verdicts conducted by human security experts located around the world, which are virtually grouped by our threat intelligence sharing module Federation. By mimicking security analyst's decision-making criteria in real-time, Themis can predict with high confidence the legitimacy of any suspicious message without assistance from security analysts.

Themis find this email to be malicious based on similar reported incidents

How Does Our Predictive Phishing Decision-Making Work?

When a new incident is not automatically resolved based on IronTraps, our automated email phishing investigation, orchestration & response module, Themis immediately logs the attack details and checks it against all of Federations' previous verdicts - taking dozens of different phishing protection decisions and criteria into account as well as other intelligence sources from within the IRONSCALES platform. Based on the vast amount of data captured from email phishing attacks, spam and false positives, Themis then provides with high confidence its own verdict to analysts, offering what it believes other human analysts would do with such an incident.

Themis also provides security teams with a confidence level for every phishing incident and can be operated in both suggestive and responsive modes based on her built-in confidence levels and company policy. If the confidence level is high enough, Themis can automatically make and implement its decisions without human intervention.

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